Elderly Transportation

Elderly Transportation


One of the greatest challenges of aging is the idea of losing independence. Driving is one of those activities that seem to define independence. Yet we know that for some seniors there comes a time when driving is no longer a possibility. For the elderly transportation is critical to independence. If you or a family member need assistance with transportation, our caring seniors at Seniors Helping Seniors of NH can help. Ride to Doctor, on a tractor!Seniors Helping Seniors of NH brings more than just a ride or a taxi, our seniors offer companionship while providing transportation to a doctor’s appointment, the grocery store, or just out of the house for a cup of coffee. And unlike most transportation services, we will wait for you during your appointment so that when you are ready to go, so is your ride. If desired, our seniors can accompany you or your family member in to the appointment, providing you not only safe and reliable transportation but also comfort and support.

Elderly Transportation on a Tractor?


In the old days (and at Seniors Helping Seniors we know the old days), the doctor either came to us, or the ride to the doctor might be on the bed of the hay wagon.  If you insist, maybe we could arrange that.  We have many clients who grew up on farms across the country.  And one of the owner’s grandfather was a milk inspector for Hood Milk in Maine.  His mom learned to drive on a tractor at the age of 10.  But, we promise we won’t show up on this tractor to bring you on your errands.  But like the old days when neighbors cared for each other, we will be there, on time, with a smile.



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