Compare Assisted Living to Nursing Home

Compare Assisted Living Home vs Nursing HomeCompare Assisted Living to Nursing Home

You have choices for your mom and dad’s care.  But, we know from personal experience how overwhelming it can feel to make these choices.  Our aim is to demystify–to bring clarity–so that you can make the most prudent decision for your family.  It would be best to have us come out and spend a little time with you and your family to talk through these options.  The visit is free; you can call us 24/7 at 603-801-1936 to learn more and schedule a visit.  In the meantime, perhaps the comparisons below will help you think through the various questions that are important in making your decisions.



Seniors Helping Seniors Assisted Living  Medicaid Eligible Nursing Home
Cost/24 Hr Care $342 $225-325 $320-350
Will I have the same caregivers every week? Yes No No
Will the caregiver be hand picked to have a similar background? Yes No No
Loneliness is clinically proven to cause declines in health.  Will the caregiver become a true friend? Yes No No
Do I have 24 hour access to Clinical Services Director? Yes Yes Yes
As a family member do I have instantaneous access to visit records? Yes No No
Will I have access to proven, unbiased assistance in all my senior care decisions? Yes No No
Will I have Handymen who will take care of my home maintenance and repairs? Yes Home is sold Home is sold
Will I have access to a proven network of senior specific advisers (financial planners, attorneys, trust planners, etc)? Yes No No
Will I have coverage when caregiver is sick/on vacation/leaves? Yes Yes Yes
93% of seniors want to stay in their home; and will decline after a move.  Will my mom/dad have their wish to stay home? Yes No No
Will my mom/dad have a private room? Yes Yes No
Will my mom/dad be allowed to stay when their health declines? Yes No Yes
Will costs be covered under Medicaid prior to their finances running out? No No No
If their finances are going to run out in the next year, what options should I consider? Yes No No


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