Alzheimer’s Care

Alzheimer’s Care

Need Gift Ideas For Your Loved One With Dementia?  Click here.

The truth is half the people over age 85 will be diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease. 80% of those receiving Alzheimer’s care will be cared for by a family member. We know that you Alzheimer's care, Parkinson's Diseasewant the best for your aging parent, aunt, uncle, or friend with Alzheimer’s. Alzheimer’s care requires a special understanding, a special touch. At Seniors Helping Seniors of NH we know that you may not always be available and that is why we hire caring seniors who have that special touch. They are trained in Alzheimer’s care and have ongoing support of the management at Seniors Helping Seniors of NH. Our senior providers understand the hurdles, the ups and downs of Alzheimer’s care but most importantly we understand that even with Alzheimer’s Disease each person deserves and desires to be recognized for their unique gifts.

Alzheimer’s Care

When you are not available to give the loving care you know your family member deserves, let us help. You and your family member will find peace and comfort with Seniors Helping Seniors of NH.

Alzheimer’s Care Training

Judy Loubier is a certified instructor with the Alzheimer’s Association.  Many of our caregivers have not only had extensive practical experience with Alzheimer’s patients, but they have completed the 20 hour course in caregiving for the Alzheimer’s patient.  Judy is a frequent speaker on the subject and the Alzheimer’s disease is a common subject of her radio program, “Caring For Seniors.”



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