Elderly Home Caregivers

Caring for an Aging Family Member and Trying to Work Too?

If you are one of the millions of working caregivers in the US then you can likely relate to the following scenario.

Imagine getting up in the morning at 5:00 am and hopping in the shower, running to get the coffee going and then to wake up a sleeping 15 year old who has to catch the bus to school. While he showers you knock on the extra bedroom door and wake up your 85 year old mother. She has Dementia, Diabetes, and a heart condition. You help her out of bed, into any clean clothes you can get your hands on, and into the kitchen to begin taking her daily regimen of medications. Your son can’t find his homework so you attempt to help him recall where he was sitting when he presumably completed it last night. Oh-a printer problem, you quickly fix that connection with a reset and he grabs the homework and a few dollars because he is out of lunch money at school, and runs out to get the bus. Your mother is ready for her breakfast so a piece of toast with jelly is what you can manage while you hop into something suitable for the office and take a look at the clock. It is 7 am, you help your mother into the rest room, then set another cup of coffee by her chair in the TV room. You turn on Good Morning America, give her a kiss and tell her you will call her at lunch to remind her to eat. A sandwich is on the counter (don’t’ ask how you had time for that). continue reading

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